5.7.2015 GameStar

Klasická puzzle logicko-arkádová hra. Cílem hry je spojit bubliny stejné barvy, aby praskly dříve, než vyprší čas. Hra vyšla v roce 1994 a od té doby byla mnohokrát předělána jak pro počítače, tak i mobily a tablety. Hru spustíte klávesou

Math And Match

11.6.2015 GameStar

In this game you need to select a number of blocks whose sums equal the given expression. Hold the left mouse button down while moving over adjacent blocks to select blocks until you get the required sum. The more blocks


8.6.2015 GameStar

Your ship is captured by the pirates. Explore the captain’s room to find something useful.


8.6.2015 GameStar

An easy to play English word game with 600 questions in 12 categories. The idea of the game is to guess the word or phrase picked at random from a list and beat the computer’s horse to the finish line.

Match 2 Collapse

8.6.2015 GameStar

Click on groups of at least 2 (or more than 2) similar color shapes to remove them. Several power-ups will help you. Don’t let the shape’s pile up to the top. New shapes will be added in each level. Complete


8.6.2015 GameStar

TV game show like quiz where the host is suspended on a platform by nine chains. Get questions correct to break the chains. Nine questions correct in a row will see the platform and host disappear with you scoring maximum